Reale Mutua


The Journey talks about "B Together. B More."through a series of video-documentaries, the journey of Reale Mutua's transformation first into a Benefit Company and then into a B corp. The narration represents the most effective way to highlight some of the initiatives that Reale Mutua and Reale Foundation have made possible in the field of sustainability, in favour of an inclusive and lasting growth of the communities in which they operate.The proiect develops over 5 episodes, each lasting about 8 minutes, which are hosted and presented live by Jury Chechi, former Ambassador of Reale Foundation. From the dialogues between Jury Chechi and the leading figures of each initiative a spontaneous, engaging and exciting narrative emerges, thanks to which the audience can learn more about the projects, understand their value and feel part of Reale Foundation's iourney.

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